Below you can find a list of all our currently active members. Contact information can be found on each members personal information page.
Chapter Visitation Schedule
Accountant Lee Shields 05/30/1995  
Attorney - Family Law Howard Z. Kanowitz 11/06/2014  
Attorney - Real Estate Anthony F. DiMento 11/21/2008  
Auto Body Repair Ken Megara 02/17/2011  
Auto Repair Rich Luongo 04/30/2019  


Jennifer Chew 10/11/2018  
Business Marketing Sylvia Tadros 01/11/2018  
Caterer Len Guerriero 10/10/2018  
Chiropractor Dr. Stephen J. Safka 11/01/1999  
Coach - Business/Personal Paul Short 05/31/2017  
Commercial Cleaning Services Shakyra Ellington 05/02/2019  
Commercial Lending Shanlin Cheng 08/31/2018  
Contractor - Electrical Joe Ferry 03/08/2019  
Contractor - Roofing Tom Traenkner 09/02/2014  
Courier Services Joseph Lyndell 05/14/2013  
Energy Consultant Steve Teti 11/13/2017  
Financial Advisor James C. Ewing 05/09/2001  
Gift Baskets Andee Saper 08/31/2011  
Handyman Nick Sammartino 03/06/2006  
Heating and Air Conditioning Casey Noble


Information Technology Consulting Ron Oppermann 11/06/2018  
Ink and Toner George Malek 10/11/2017  
Insurance - Life Health and Disability Kevin M. McVeigh 02/14/1994  
Insurance - Property and Casualty Chris O’Neill 06/05/1997  
Insurance Supplements Eric Arnold 06/19/2018  
Mortgage Loans Harris Schechtman 09/12/2012  
Nutritonist Theresa Higgins 07/03/2017  
Payroll Tony Plakis 03/28/2018  
Pest Control Jeff Gabriele 02/19/2014  
Pharmacist Rich Kress 11/09/2017  
Printer Peter Zales 04/06/2016  
Real Estate - Residential Sheri Rourke 07/06/2003  
Solar Energy Mark Lomas 03/19/2019  
Telecommunications Jennifer Marshall 11/19/2018  
Title Insurance George Duffield 08/02/2012  
Web Design Chris Owens 12/14/2017  
Wine Consultant Roger Butler 05/15/2019