Whether it’s pen to paper, or fingers to a keyboard—writing essays can be overwhelming! Where do we start? How do we organize our ideas to frame a cohesive argument or viewpoint? 

How to Write a Great Essay

  1. Check out our Super Simple Sandwich Outline for a video and essay outline made by our very own Connections Academy teacher to get started with your essay.


  2. Now that you have your essay outline, it’s time to practice essay mastery. Watch this video below to teach your child basic concepts of what to include in every paragraph of their essay – from introduction paragraphs, body paragraphs, to those pesky conclusion paragraphs! 


  3. Keep practicing. The more your student writes essays using these essay tips, the soon they will be a master essayist in no time.

Essay Writing Tips: Hot, Buttered, Toast and Teas

This lesson titled Organizing Paragraphs provides essay writing tips to help you master your essay flow, organize your paragraphs, and helps to make sure all of your arguments and viewpoints are covered.

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Helping your student to master writing today will have long-lasting benefits in the future. In a recent study, “Writing is important because it’s used extensively in higher education and in the workplace. If students don’t know how to express themselves in writing, they won’t be able to communicate well with professors, employers, peers, or just about anyone else.” 

Mastery of essay writing is a critical skill to master in English Language Arts class, and is a part of the Connections Academy virtual school curriculum. If your student, whether enrolled with us or in another school format, is struggling with English, check out these study tips that make tough subjects easier to learn.

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