How To Create Killer Brand Video Content 11 Simple Steps

How To Create Killer Brand Video Content: 11 Simple Steps

So, you want to create some fantastic brand video content Whether you’re filming an interview with a supplier to help raise brand awareness, or selling a product, your company brand videos need to be eye-catching, enticing and interesting.

What are the steps to create brand video content?

We’ll show you how in this blog post, where we look at 11 simple steps to creating excellent brand video content.

But first, let’s look at brand awareness videos and what they are.

Skyword states that “brand awareness is the level of consumer consciousness of a company”, putting into words what we all know; that brand awareness is essential for businesses. It will drive customers and draw them away from competitors, so is vital in marketing.

What is a brand video, and where do they come into this?

They’re videos that highlight your brand. They say exactly what it has to offer and, more importantly, how it can help viewers – to make them turn into customers.

And the company and lifestyle brand videos are incredibly important. Here are some stats that state just how much:

  • 61% of people will watch videos produced by a company if their friends have shared them on social media
  • 45% of people think that brand video is worth watching if it’s trending on social sites
  • 38% of people say that they will share brand videos if they’re interesting enough

Brand videos can be anything:

  • Vlogs
  • Presentations
  • Event videos
  • Interviews
  • Advertisements

Basically, they’re videos that are made by a company to increase brand awareness, to help with consumer loyalty and brand recognition.

So have we got across that brand video content is really important?!

If you’re wondering how to make a good awareness video, follow these simple steps to make sure yours is the stuff that shines.

Essential steps to creating a fantastic brand video

1. Organise your gear

If you’re creating a professional video, you need the right gear; smartphones might not cut it for this one! Making sure that you have all the gear you need before you begin will save you from a lot of headaches later down the track.

how to create brand video content

2. Objective

Before you begin, think about why you are creating this video. Each video must have a very clear purpose and a succinct message to get across to the audience. Are you creating a film covering an event or a fun social media film? Writing down a few sentences about the purpose of the video will go a long way here. Also, think about what kind of brand you want to be portrayed as. Go into as many details as possible when hashing out your objectives – you’ll be grateful for it later!

3. Content

Then, start planning what kind of content you want. What type of video are you going for? Will you be telling a story, or will you be singing an attention-grabbing song? Get your team together and have a good brainstorm about what content you require.

Be sure, at this point, to think about shareable content. There are several important things to consider here:

  • Does it have the right tone? Research suggests that “surprising, not shocking” content is the most shareable type of video. For example, the Evian Roller Babies advert, which is surprising, but not shocking and that got people talking and sharing.
  • You should also think about evoking emotion – but the right kind of emotion! Make sure that your video doesn’t stir up anger, but feel free to address a side of a controversial topic that you as a brand agree with.

create brand video content

  • Another sure-fire way of creating shareable content is to have a video that makes people feel good about themselves. People love to share upbeat, positive content and you’ll be known as the brand that creates feel-good stuff!
  • On the other side of the coin, addressing social issues is also really important and can create very shareable content. If you have a particular message that you’re passionate about as a brand and really want to get the word out and about, feel free to create a video on these topics; they are generally very shareable. Charity videos are often a great success and help to make a difference in the world.
  • Think of it as a ‘social media film’ and make sure it is fully optimised for the world of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube.

4. Casting

Do you have the budget to hire actors for this video, or will you be using your staff members? Either is fine, provided your staff members can act professionally and know how to talk in front of a camera!

brand video content for your company

But just make sure that you hire staff who can speak confidently and clearly, can get the message across in the right way and are relatable to your target audience.

If you don’t have the right staff members for the job, you might want to think about hiring an external cast. It’s nowhere near being half as costly as one might fear. And this way you obtain a vast array of services, ranging from animated films to bespoke videos for specific industries.

5. Storyboarding

It’s a great idea to create a storyboard of your video before you begin. This is how professional movie creators make videos – so there is no reason why you should do it any differently!

branded video content

It’s a great idea to create a storyboard of your video before you begin. This is how professional movie creators make videos – so there is no reason why you should do it any differently!

Many first-time creators skip this step during their brand video production – but it’s another way to ensure that you have a coherent and well thought out product.

Creating a simple board of all the different scenes that you would like to use in your brand video will help you visualise the project and the movie coming together as a whole.

Many people think that storyboarding should only be used for storytelling films like commercials, but it can be used for any type of brand video content!

6. Scripting

Many YouTube veterans nowadays spiel with no script, but if this is your first video, you’ll definitely need one.

scripting for brand video content

There are many advantages of scripting your videos:

  • It saves time
  • It increases confidence
  • It helps you think of ways you can add brand mentions and increase brand loyalty
  • It helps you structure the video
  • If you’re creating an educational or a training video production, it will help you make sure that you have all of the statistics in place and correct.
  • It helps you think about where your Call to Actions should be and makes sure that you include all the essentials!

Basically, if this is your first – or one of your first – videos, then write a script. It’s pretty essential.

7. Preparing the set

Where do you want your video to be set? If it’s somewhere other than your office, this may have to be visited beforehand to assess its suitability. If it is your office, make sure you prepare it well – clear any clutter and add props as necessary.

8. Shoot the video!

After all that preparation, it’s time to actually shoot the video! This takes a lot less time than the prep (as long as the prep is done properly, that is!).

Make sure that you have all of the necessary gear to shoot a great video – including a camera, tripod and microphone and that they’re all in working order (be sure that the camera is charged!).

shoot video for your brand

Then just act out the storyboard and script – it’s as easy as that! You might need to do a few takes of different scenes or aspects to make sure it’s perfect.

9. Editing

Once the video is shot, upload it onto your device. If the files are large you may need a hard drive with extra storage to work from.

The next step is editing.

Make sure you have the right software for editing videos: iMovie is a great free option if you have a Mac device, otherwise Final Cut is probably your best bet.

Utilise music, special effects, and subtitles to create your desired visuals.

how to edit brand content video

10. Add your logo

Adding your logo to your brand video is incredibly important, as it’s a constant reminder of what your brand does in the corner of your video. However, you wouldn’t believe how many brands forget this!

Remember to include it; normally it is placed in the bottom right-hand corner. While you’re there, go over the video again to make sure that the brand message is clear throughout.

11. Share the content

Of course, you won’t get your message very far without sharing it! Be sure to spread the word by placing your content on all social media platforms. If you have a large follower base on these platforms, the word should get out easily.

share your branded videos

If you don’t, you might want to consider doing some things to help the video be shared and seen more.

  • Go all out. Don’t bypass any of the primary social media channels even if you personally don’t use or enjoy them. Having a presence all across the board is imperative to your brand’s exposure.
  • Collaborate. Partner up with experts in the field if possible to put the word out. Nothing spreads faster than words!
  • Make sure that the share buttons are easy to see and use.

If you’re still a bit stuck with creating shareable content, get in touch with us. We create professional company brand videos and would love to assist you in your magical journey to creating a brand identity!

Benefits of Brand Video Content

1. Increases Brand Awareness

Brand video content is one of the most effective and eye-catching types of video. Consistently posting brand videos will increase your brand awareness, especially on social media. 

2. Sparks Conversation and Debate

Brand video content gives you the opportunity to shine a light on a topic relevant to your brand that will intrigue potential customers. This doesn’t necessarily have to be controversial, but it will encourage viewers to talk about your brand.

Sparks Conversation and Debate

3. Concise Key Messaging

Simple video content that’s straight to the point is best for brand videos. Viewers are then more likely to understand what your company is about and keep watching.

4. Positive Associations

Brand video content isn’t about direct self-promotion. You’re not shining a light on a new product or service. Instead, you want people to associate your brand with something positive, increasing conversions from viewers to consumers.

5. More Memorable

Tying into the previous point, if your brand video content leaves your viewers feeling more optimistic, it will stick in their minds. They will remember your brand’s values and listen to what else you have to say.

6. Engages Your Audience

Brand videos get people talking, so they guarantee increased audience engagement.

7. Increases Shareability

Sparking conversation, being more memorable, and engaging your audience all lead to increased shareability on social media. Brand videos are a very effective digital word of mouth.

Increases Shareability

8. Increases Relevance

Picking a current topic and narrative will relate your brand to your audience, increasing your brand’s relevance.

9. Tells a More Compelling Story

This is your opportunity to tell a more compelling story about your brand and core values in an original way.

10. Humanises Your Brand

Brand video content adds a human touch to your company and shows viewers who you really are, encouraging them to invest in your services.

Humanises Your Brand

11. Fun and Unique USP

Brand video content gives you the opportunity to put forward your USP in a fun and unique way through a hopeful and positive narrative.


Shooting your first brand video seems like an onerous task – but these 11 simple steps will relieve some of that burden and will have you creating killer brand video content in no time!

We can make video work for you, not the other way around. With over 2000 videos, both animated and live-action, we can sort all of the logistics associated with your promotional video, meaning no hassle or stress on your part.

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