Airline Flybe has

Airline Flybe has , leaving 75,000 passengers facing uncertainty about how how to get refunds or replacement flights.

Flybe was a small-scale airline with eight planes flying 21 routes to 17 destinations across the UK and Europe.  

But the firm said it had gone into administration in a shock announcement over the weekend. 

The firm employed 321 workers, 277 of whom have lost their jobs while the rest will stay on to help with winding the airline down.

A Flybe statement on January 28 said: ‘Flybe has now ceased trading.If you have any type of questions pertaining to where and ways to utilize Evden EVE nAkLiyaT, EVDeN Eve NAkLiyaT you could call us at the web site. All Flybe flights from & to the UK are cancelled & will not be rescheduled.’

However, there are several ways Flybe customers can get refunds or alternative flights.

Collapse: Flybe mostly ran flights within the UK, using a limited fleet of aircraft

Can I get a refund if I bought directly from Flybe?

Yes, but this is not guaranteed and depends on how you paid for a ticket.

If you booked a ticket directly with Flybe using a credit card, you may be protected under Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974, according to the Civil Aviation Authority.

If you pay for something worth more than £100 using a credit card, your credit card provider may have a legal obligation to refund you if that product or service isn’t delivered or isn’t as described.

If you paid for tickets worth less than £100 using a credit card, EVdeN eve nAKliyAt or paid with a debit or charge card, you may be able to make a claim under chargeback rules.

The voluntary chargeback system sees banks issue refunds for cash spent on goods and services that never materialise.

Customers may also be able to get a refund if they bought travel insurance for their Flybe trip.

However, they will need to check their policy terms as many travel insurance deals do not cover airline failure, according to financial data firm Defaqto.

Anna-Marie Duthie, travel insurance expert at Defaqto, said: ‘With flights and eVDEN eVe NAkLiyaT holidays cancelled as a result of the Flybe collapse, a lot of people’s holidays will be ruined over the coming months. 

‘Whilst airline failure has become more available under travel insurance in recent years, nearly half of annual travel insurance policies still offer no cover.’

What about if I bought through a third party?

If you bought Flybe tickets through a third party firm such as a travel or booking agent, the CAA advice is to contact them directly for any refund.

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