About LeTip

LeTip of Cherry Hill has been meeting for nearly 30 years.
Our goal remains the same – to be a relationship driven networking
group that will grow your business and your sales force.

LeTip International is the original business leads networking group and is the world’s largest, privately owned, professional business leads organization. In 1978, LeTip set the standard for a word-of-mouth referral program for business professionals and has helped over 60,000 members in 266 chapters throughout the United States and Canada.

Networking that works.
At LeTip, we believe in networking that works for you. Our members are both a captive and loyal audience for your goods and services, and an informed sales force for you in the marketplace.

Structure & Accountability.
Members are asked to attend regular meetings and provide qualified business leads. Our structured weekly meeting is the engine that drives our success. This structure creates accountability and the accountability creates trust and value.

Lasting Relationships.
By joining LeTip of Cherry Hill you will be exposed to a broad range of business professionals on a weekly basis. The more they know about your business, the more sales leads they can generate for you, which leads to more profit for your business.

Personal Growth.
At LeTip we learn by doing. Members hone their public speaking skills and fine tune their brand messaging by doing weekly commercials and presentations. Our group mentors provide added guidance, encouragement and networking skills.

Harnessing Technology.
Access to LeTip Wired, our powerful business app, provides members with advanced tools to network with more agility to pivot their business quickly as market conditions change. 

No Outside Speakers.
Each member has exclusive ownership of their category. We treat all members as individual experts and they take turns as our weekly speakers because in LeTip it’s all about our members’ business growth.

LeTip of Cherry Hill meets every Thursday for breakfast and networking at Ponzio’s Diner, 7 West Route 70, Cherry Hill, NJ. The meeting begins at 7:16 am sharp and ends at 8:31am sharp. By arriving earlier, you enjoy fellowship with entrepreneurs and pros who know the joy of networking and sharing expertise.

Check out our MEMBERS page to see if your category is already represented in our group. Our OPEN CATEGORIES is a brief list of the most popular available categories. If you do not see your category represented, we hope to welcome you on Thursday morning for breakfast and networking!