How to Join

At LeTip, our members become like family. And we are delighted to have you join us for
your first meeting!

STEP 1: Attend a Meeting
At your first meeting, come prepared to introduce yourself to our chapter members. You will have the opportunity to give a commercial (approximately 30 seconds) about your business and to describe the type of clients you need. Please bring 60 business cards. Be sure to arrive by 7:00 am to meet members and other guests. Your breakfast is compliments of our chapter!

STEP 2: Submit an Application
If you decide that you want to join our chapter, complete our online application. With the application, you will need to include your annual dues payment of $440 to LeTip International. Our chapter meeting fees are currently $215 per calendar quarter and you will be asked to pay a prorated amount when joining. (You will only be charged if you your membership is approved. There is NO APPLICATION fee or NEW MEMBER fee.)

STEP 3: Inspection
Once we receive your application, one of our inspectors will contact you to visit your place of business.

STEP 4: Vote by Membership
You will need to attend a second meeting (compliments of the chapter), where the inspector and your sponsor will speak on your behalf and the members will vote on your application.

STEP 5: Welcome to LeTip of Cherry Hill
Upon a successful vote, you will receive your business card caddy and badge. Congratulations and welcome to the family!  

STEP 6: Network Training Seminar
Within the first 60 days of your membership, you will attend an online Network Training Seminar where you will learn the inner workings of LeTip, including how to prepare your commercials, your 8-minute presentation, and your showboat table. You will also learn how to generate qualified referrals and invite guests to help grow your own LeTip sales force.